Chick-fil-a greeted by protesters as it opens its first Canadian location

Today, Chick-fil-a opened its first Canadian location in the city of Toronto. Naturally, there was a protest which featured chanting and a die-in. But there were also people eager to try the food. When the new store opened at 10:30 am the first people inside had been camped out front all night:

The protesters showed up a short while later. They sound a little lackluster in this clip:

The ostensible cause of all of this is a comment the CEO of Chick-fil-a made in 2012. Matt Walsh suggested maybe it was time to let it go:

In addition to LGBT folks, there was also a contingent of protesters concerned about chickens (2nd clip below):

And also about capitalism:

A little while later they held a die-in on the sidewalk. Notice the line of people stepping over the bodies to get to the delicious food:

After the nap on the sidewalk, it was back to chanting and some chalking:

By the time lunch rolled around a couple hours later, some protesters are still there but the line for food was around the block. In the video clip below it looks to me like at least 100 people are waiting for food. And of course the customers aren’t hanging out to make a point like the protesters, they’re cycling through the restaurant and the line stays long because new customers are constantly getting in line.

The Rebel put together a pretty good video covering the protest this morning. There are people of all backgrounds and colors waiting in line. None of them are there to do harm to gay people, though they are admittedly there to do harm to chickens. The interviewer meets one engaged gay couple in line. Asked if the protesters represents them, one of the guys (his name isn’t given) replies, “They don’t represent me, they represent foolishness in my mind.” Very well said.

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