Jeffrey Epstein liked to play 'spy games' and ordered books on sexual slavery

Vanity Fair published a story on Jeffrey Epstein yesterday which could be described as the profile of a sociopath as seen by his ex-girlfriends. These weren’t relationships with underage girls. These were young women, often in their early 20s who Epstein had relationships with, often several at a time. None of them are named in the story because many are successful business people today and don’t want to be dragged into the drama and scandal surrounding Epstein even after his death. But the picture these women collectively paint of him is, not surprisingly, a man who lived by his own rules:

Epstein’s ex-girlfriends say he was quiet and charming, for the most part, Jay Gatsby in a monogrammed sweatshirt. He spent most of the day on speakerphone, and he liked them to listen in, rolling calls from financiers to heads of state. He did not drink or take drugs or smoke, and he didn’t like to be around people who did. He practiced Iyengar yoga. He showered many times a day. He abhorred restaurants and ate whole grains, proteins, and leafy greens 30 years before the rest of America. He tied body to mind, physical self to mental aptitude; he believed in transhumanism and had a theory that if you had too much muscle mass, you wouldn’t be as smart as you could be. He liked to sleep in 54-degree chill because he believed you’d get the most restful sleep at that temperature. “I was like, ‘I’m fucking freezing. I’m going to die of hypothermia,’ ” says an ex-girlfriend.

He also had an instinct for what people wanted. “Jeffrey was brilliant in understanding how people felt,” says the same ex-girlfriend. “He could feel energy very clearly. But I think because he’s a sociopath, he would manipulate that for his own needs. The average human population just doesn’t operate that way, and thank God.”…

The longer these women dated Epstein, the stranger he became. A former girlfriend describes him as almost agoraphobic, with a fear of groups and a dislike of shaking people’s hands; he preferred one-on-one relationships, which were more conducive to sharing secrets. Other than the trips he took on his private plane, Epstein preferred to socialize at home, where he could control the food, the conversation, the temperature…

Another woman who dated Epstein says he slept with a gun in a holster on the side of the bed and was always playing “spy games,” as she calls it. She thinks he tapped her phone after they broke up. She came home to her doorman saying he’d let a repairman in to fix her cable, even though she hadn’t requested service. “Then I had a weird sensation when I was talking to Jeffrey—he kept looking me in the eye in a creepy way and quoting something I’d said about him earlier on the phone to a girlfriend,” she says. “I threw the phone out and cut off all contact with him.”

Other details about the darker side of Epstein’s life were also released yesterday. CBS 12 News in Florida got its hands on what it calls a “document dump” connected to Jeffrey Epstein’s 2006 arrest. Among those documents were recordings of messages left on Epstein’s answering machine:

“[Redacted] wants to know if she should bring her friend [redacted] with her tonight,” reads one message left for Epstein. Another message reads that a redacted name cannot come to Epstein’s house a certain night because of soccer practice.

Soccer practice. What a monster. There’s also this tidbit which turned up in the 2004-2006 investigation:

The documents also contain scans of evidence police appear to have pulled from Epstein’s trash between 2004 and 2006. An Amazon receipt shows books on sexual slavery were delivered to Epstein’s Palm Beach home in September 2005.

The story doesn’t identify them but notice it’s “books,” plural. Of course, not everyone knew about his Amazon orders but there was so much evidence surrounding him which suggested what he was really about it’s hard to believe people close to him missed it.

Jazz Shaw May 05, 2021 4:01 PM ET