Portland: Proud Boys vs Antifa ends early without serious violence (Update)

Today is the day the city of Portland has been worried about for several weeks. Various far-right groups including the Proud Boys are holding an “End to Domestic Terrorism” rally and far-left group including Antifa are holding a counter-protest. This morning even the president was thinking about Portland:


As I write this, things are just getting started but I’ll try to update the story below as the day goes on. After warnings from the Mayor and police for people to avoid downtown Portland things started off very quiet:

Eventually, people started showing up:

This is interesting. Antifa kid is talking to a police officer and a fellow member cuts him off. Antifa hates the police:

On the Antifa side, everyone who disagrees with them is just a Nazi:

The first minor skirmish of the day. The guy with no shirt appears in several other videos below.

From another angle. Notice Antifa is using hula hoops and umbrellas to block camera:

Antifa goons trying to get to where the Proud Boys are get turned back by police:

So far, police are doing a good job of keeping the two groups apart. That’s important for keeping things peaceful and it’s what police failed to do in Charlottesville.

Here’s the “bang it out” guy again:

“Sir, what do you believe in?” Uh, I think he’s telling you:

This is how Antifa maintains a safe space I guess:

The Proud Boys group marched across a bridge:

Someone got arrested for allegedly having a gun. Not sure which side he was on but Antifa are screaming at the cops as they march him away:

And it looks like this might be over:

I guess that’s the best-case scenario: No one seriously hurt in Portland. Meanwhile, there are other things going on in Portland that look like more fun:

But it seems this Antifa wasn’t quite done for the day:

Update: A fight broke out as a bus was leaving. One Antifa guy fell down:


Some arrests were made:

Someone was beaten unconscious by Antifa:

Another attack:

Whenever Antifa doesn’t have anyone on the right to focus on, they turn on the police. Here Antifa has decided to block the streets:

A civil disturbance has been declared:

These people suck: