The Complete Evergreen Story parts 1 and 2

We’ve posted quite a few videos about what took place at Evergreen State College over the years, some of which are excellent. The two I’m posting today were put together by the person who probably has delved into this story more than anyone else, with the possible exception of Bret Weinstein himself.

Benjamin Boyce is an Evergreen grad who has been making videos about what happened at the school and the aftermath for the past two years. He’s received numerous leaks from people who are still at the school during that time and often has inside information no one else is talking about. Boyce has been promising to put together a film that would distill all that he’s learned and offer a more comprehensive understanding of what happened at the school and this week he released the first two parts of that effort. I think it was worth the wait.

What I really like about what Boyce has done here is that he’s not just rehashing the scenes of students shouting and misbehaving. He’s put together the context to help explain, “what caused what happened to happen.” Simply put, he’s trying to show where was all of this coming from. After watching just the first two installments of Boyce’s film, you’ll have a pretty clear idea.

The first few minutes of part 1 offers an overview of the whole story for anyone who somehow missed it, but after that Boyce dives into the story as told through his exclusive interviews with the people involved. Part 1 ends with the protest at Brett’s classroom.

Part 2 picks up exactly where part 1 left off with the police responding to Weinstein’s classroom (or trying to) and from there we move on to the first attempts by the student protest group to make demands of college president George Bridges (which involved disarming the police chief). In the second half of part 2, Boyce includes a series of videos of Evergreen faculty genuflecting at the altar of intersectionality. By the time Boyce jumps back to the agitated students, it’s pretty clear where all of this is coming from.

I’m very much looking forward to however many more episodes there are to this, but for now, here’s the first 30 or so minutes: