Mayor Ted Wheeler: We stand against the ongoing violence in Portland from a group I will not name

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler posted a thread on Twitter condemning the violence which took place in his city over the weekend. But one conspicuous thing is missing from this rather vague statement:

Translation: I’ve given you masked goons two years to run the streets but now I’m sending this mildly written tweet as a sign of how angry I am!

“Some” engaged in violence? Was it the same people are who’ve been vandalizing the city, targeting individuals for vandalism, blocking traffic, and beating people bloody in the streets? If so, why can’t you put a name to this group of violent thugs? The fact that the mayor doesn’t have the courage to say ‘Antifa’ should tell you all you need to know about how serious he is about stopping this.

Yes, it’s certainly unenviable to be a police officer in a city where the Mayor tells cops to stand down and let the masked goons have their way. As for what happened this weekend, at least three people were beaten bloody by Antifa thugs. There is video of these incidents.

You’re going to have a hard time identifying the people responsible. Why? Because masked, violent mobs of people who cover for one another are difficult to identify.

Today, Portland police put out photos of two people who are wanted for attacks over the weekend, including the one on reporter Andy Ngo. In addition, there is a statement from police about several outstanding issues, including the milkshakes:

Prior to the event, information was circulating that some participants planned to throw milkshakes on others. As the event progressed, officers learned from some participants that a substance similar to quick drying concrete was being added to some of the “milkshakes.” A Lieutenant in the field observed some of the material and noted the texture and smell was consistent with concrete. The Portland Police Bureau sent a tweet out to bring attention to this potential hazard and to encourage victims to contact us. The act of throwing any substance on another person without that person’s consent constitutes the crime of harassment (ORS 166.065). After the tweet was sent, an anonymous email was sent to Bureau members with a “Milkshake Recipe” (See attached).

A bit further down the police offer this statement about the current law regarding covered faces:

There is no current law or ordinance prohibiting covering of the face in a protest and commission of a crime, which makes it more difficult for investigators to identify perpetrators of violence. This is exploited by criminals who engage in acts of violence.

The police know what Antifa is doing. If Mayor Wheeler is serious about turning this around, he could start by pushing for a law to unmask the petty fascists running his city.