AOC: I'm outraged that Mitch McConnell killed the House border bill I voted against! (Update: Tapper asks the obvious question)

The outrage never stops with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. Today she expressed outraged that a House border funding bill did not pass in the Senate. She said this despite the fact that she vocally opposed the same bill and refused to vote for it when it was passed by the House earlier this week.

Everything AOC is saying here is nonsense. Let’s start with last weekend when AOC and three other like-minded Reps. (Pressley, Omar, and Tlaib) signed a joint statement demanding that the House bill abolish ICE as a starting point. Here’s a bit of that joint statement:

These radicalized, criminal agencies are destroying families and killing innocent children. It is absolutely unconscionable to even consider giving one more dollar to support this President’s deportation force that openly commits human rights abuses and refuses to be held accountable to the American people…

We must be equitable in our outrage. We must abolish ICE.

That was too extreme even for the Democrats in the House who passed a $4.5 billion border bill that included some controls on how money could be spent but did not attempt to abolish ICE. But guess who didn’t vote for the House bill:

The bill passed 230-195. Four Democrats — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib — voted against the bill. They said Sunday they would not vote for it as long as it funded Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

AOC had no part in this bill except to argue that it wasn’t nearly radical enough for her taste. Why is she acting as if Mitch McConnell shot her dog?

In any case, AOC’s claim that Mitch McConnell killed the House bill is false. In fact, McConnell let the Senate vote and the House bill was rejected 55-37. This outcome was entirely predictable given that Trump had already threatened to veto it even if it were passed.

So, to sum this up, AOC is furious that Mitch McConnell let the Senate vote to reject a bill she also voted against. As for her claim that “The GOP is heightening children‘s pain for political gain,” that’s nonsense too. There’s no political gain in failing to appropriately care for migrant children. The political gain being sought is Democrats like AOC who are telling people that Border Patrol is “killing innocent children” and comparing overwhelmed detention centers to concentration camps. It’s incredible that the same person making Holocaust comparisons has the gall to claim her opponents are playing politics with children.

Update: Jake Tapper asked AOC about not voting for the House bill she is outraged didn’t pass in the Senate. She admits her no vote was about abolishing ice. To his credit, Tapper points out that opposing the Senate bill and the House bill makes it seem like she’s more concerned about sending signals on her progressive issues than getting help to CBP and the kids who need it. AOC says she wanted a clean bill with no riders and poison pills. So why did she demand that Pelosi add stuff to the House bill that made it less palatable to the Senate? She literally did the opposite of what she says she wanted to see here, i.e. a clean bill where people are thinking about kids instead of politics.

This is not her best moment but will any of her devoted fans care? They never seem to:

It seems the pressure is getting to team AOC: