Code Pink activists forcibly removed from the Venezuelan embassy

A group of left-wing protesters calling themselves the Embassy Protection Collective had occupied the Venezuelan embassy as part of the “Hands Off Venezuela” movement. Today the remaining four were evicted and arrested by police:

Carlos Vecchio, the Guaidó-appointed ambassador who has been recognized by the U.S. government, tweeted that the embassy had been liberated. Federal authorities and D.C. police arrived at the embassy this morning and entered the building, but haven’t commented today on the situation.

Code Pink organizers identified the four activists arrested as Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers, Adrienne Pine and David Paul.

Here’s what these four dead-enders look like. Note they are posing in front of a photo of Hugo Chavez:

In theory, this movement was about avoiding US intervention in Venezuela. In reality, it is offering support to the country’s embattled dictator Nicolas Maduro. There have been ongoing skirmishes between the protesters inside the embassy and anti-Maduro protesters outside who wanted them ejected. This will give you a sense of what has been happening for the past month:

Last week the occupation took a turn when an ambassador representing Juan Guaido, the recognized interim president of Venezuela, ordered PEPCO to cut power and water to the embassy. The protesters were outraged at having to live in conditions not that different from how many Venezuelans have been living for months. The standoff turned a legal corner Monday when protesters were served with an eviction notice.

Protesters outside also made it difficult for the people inside to get food. There was a scuffle yesterday as Jesse Jackson brought food which Code Pink supporters tried to send up to the embassy on a rope:

But it was all for naught. The four remaining Maduro supporters have been removed and arrested.

Finally, here’s a Vice report on the situation from last week featuring an interview with Medea Benjamin who sidesteps the question of whether or not she supports Maduro (Hint: She does). Toward the end of this a Venezuelan woman tells Vice, “I really feel like these people have a savior complex.” She’s right about that. Now that they’ve been ejected they can move on to saving someone else.

Update: Just came across this video of Medea Benjamin lecturing the police and threatening to disrupt the counter-protesters. The officer’s eyes almost roll out of his head: