Enraged pro-choice student throws punches, gets citation for assault

The reaction of this 19-year-old college student almost makes Brian Sims look rational by comparison. Almost.

A group called Created Equal set up a display of pro-life posters on the campus of University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. You can’t really see them in the video below but those posters are graphic depictions of abortion. In fact, this group is a successor to another group called the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform which toured college campuses putting up graphic images of abortion for over a decade. In any case, the images were apparently too much for one female college student who asked the intern watching the signs if he was responsible and then immediately started throwing punches. From Fox News:

[Jillian] Ward approached the group’s display on April 2, asking them, “Did y’all put these up?”

When Austin Beigel confirmed that he did, she raced toward him with fists flying. Beigel was allegedly punched in the face a number of times and was also hit in the stomach.

“F***ing terrible person,” Ward screamed. “You’re a terrible person. You — this is not okay. This is not okay. This is not okay. Shut the f**k up right now. This is wrong. This is triggering. You’re not an innocent human being. You’re a terrible person.”

She’s not wrong about the images being triggering. They’re meant to be. But they’re meant to trigger thought and reflection, not violence. Here’s the video:

The guy filming (and being punched) is named Austin Beigel. According to the Created Equal website, he’s a student himself as well as an intern with the group. He handled this bad situation about as well as it could be handled. He backed away and told her to stop and to calm down. Most importantly, he didn’t respond in kind either verbally or by shoving or hitting the young woman back. Police did arrive and the woman was given a citation for misdemeanor assault. That seems appropriate given that this clearly was assault and that she didn’t seem capable of doing any serious damage.

Something similar happened at Indiana University last year. In that instance, a 21-year-old vandalized several of the group’s signs with spray paint and then tore them apart. There’s a revealing moment in this clip where someone driving past as this guy vandalizes the pro-life signs shouts “I won’t do it; I support you.” It’s a small minority of progressives who get carried away with violence, vandalism, or harassment but there’s a larger group who support them either openly or tacitly.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Jillian Ward becomes a far-left hero on campus for throwing these punches, just as I expect a lot of people on the left think Rep. Brian Sims is a hero even if they’re a bit ashamed to say so out loud in mixed company.