Fleccas Talks: Walk Away event encourages LGBT people to separate from the Democratic Party

I like a lot of Austen Fletcher’s videos but this one is a bit different than most. In this clip, Fletcher isn’t at a campus talking to people, he’s at an event in West Hollywood called “#Walk Away” which is aimed at encouraging LGBT people to consider distancing themselves from the Democratic Party.

The event was put on by Brandon Straka who says he was a Hillary voter who, like a lot of Democrats, was distraught after the last election. But as he started talking to people to find out why they voted for Trump he found they weren’t haters looking to make life difficult for gay people as he’d assumed. Now he considers himself a conservative and a Trump supporter.

But I was especially struck by what another speaker named Mike Harlow had to say. “As soon as I started asking questions overnight I became a white supremacist, homophobic, transphobic Nazi,” he said. He continued, “You know I’d never been called any of this before in my life suddenly…you know? So I think it’s just the level of control they try to have over people that, eventually, you just can’t take it anymore. And they’ve really given people nowhere to go except the center-right. That’s really the only place today where I think any free thougt exists.”

A bit later he questioned the sincerity of the Democrats’ purported love for minorities. “That’s how they’re able to enact their agenda, that they claim they’re just fighting for black people and gay people and women and transgender people,” Harlow said.

“If you think that the left loves any of these groups try being one. Try being black or gay or transgender and disagree with them once. See what happens.”

That’s exactly right. How many times have we seen the left claim that someone isn’t authentically black or authentically a woman because some person dared to offer a conservative viewpoint? The left doesn’t care about individuals it cares about groups that can bolster its power and if anyone threatens to undercut that power, as this event seemed aimed at doing, you can bet there are lots of angry progressives screaming at them about not being authentically gay (or whatever). This is the ugly result of the idea that group identity is destiny. Kudos to anyone willing to stand up to the left’s bullies and kudos to Fletcher for getting that story out.