State Rep. Rogers: Donald Trump Jr. is proof mothers should have the right to an abortion

Earlier today Ed wrote about Alabama State Rep. John Rogers, a Democrat who argued that abortion should remain legal because if unwanted children can’t be killed in the womb they would need to be executed in the electric chair sometime later. The theory operating in whatever is left of Rogers’ mind is that unwanted children all become psychopaths on death row so we might as well save the state the trouble by nipping them in the bud, so to speak.

One of the people who highlighted the clip of Rep. Rogers yesterday was Donald Trump Jr. who called the statement “stomach curling” and wondered if Democrats would be asked by the media how they feel about this.

Today Rep. Rogers extended his remarks to include “retarded or crazy” Donald Trump Jr. as a justification for abortion rights. Asked about Trump Jr.’s comments he says, “Hey, that’s a honor.” Some of his comments are hard to make out but here’s what I heard in the rest of his response: “That proves the right to make a decision about abortion. Him being born, that’s proof…

“I wonder should have aborted him when he was born whether he would have made that stupid statement, right? So his parents made the decision for him…So that’s the first proof I’ve got that a mother ought to have the right to have an abortion. They made the decision to have him, didn’t they? They could have aborted him. But they made the decision to keep him. He’s evidently retarded or crazy. Donald Trump’s son, I know he’s—something wrong with that boy. I look at him and tell something wrong with him. That’s the best defense I got right there for abortion, looking at him.”

Here’s the clip which comes from WTVM 13:

As Ed also pointed out today, the media reaction to Rogers’ initial statement was mostly of the “conservatives seize” variety. I don’t expect they’ll be much more interested in his statements today.