Venezuela: Armored vehicle plows through crowd (Update: Crowd moving toward presidential palace)

Earlier today Jazz wrote about developments taking place in Venezuela. In short, Juan Guaido claims some in the military now support him and he’s making a move to oust Maduro from power. Maduro meanwhile claims he is stopping a coup. Not long ago the Pan Am Post published video on Twitter showing several armored personnel vehicles surrounded by angry protesters, some of whom were throwing rocks. Two of the vehicles suddenly drive through a crowd in a circle. One of them moves fairly slowly, allowing people to get out of the way, but another driver plows through the crowd leaving at least one person down on the street. This is how dictatorship works:

The Pan Am Post is also reporting that the head of SEBIN, which is the Venezuelan intelligence force used to keep people in line, has turned on Maduro. This reads, “President of the Committee of Defense of the constituent Chavez confirms to radio Venezuelan that the director of the SEBIN, General Cristopher Figuera, is part of the uprising against Maduro.”

Jazz mentioned this earlier but opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez has been released and is walking the streets today. He was apparently released by SEBIN which dovetails with the claim above that the group’s director has turned on Maduro. Lopez’ lawyer said his client’s freedom today was a sign that soon all Venezuelans would be free.

Here’s Lopez urging people to join him in the streets (2nd clip below).

Interim President Guaido’s “Operation Liberty” is also getting support from US officials.

Senator Marco Rubio has been tweeting about this all morning, including some criticism of CNN’s coverage calling this a “coup.”

Colectivos are the gangs of motorcycle-riding thugs who support the regime.

Finally, President Trump tweets support for Venezuelan freedom:

I don’t think Maduro is going to step down and face the music though he might flee the country if enough troops turn on him. Here’s hoping this is resolved quickly and relatively peacefully. The longer this drags out, the more likely that Maduro’s goons start killing people in the streets to protect the glorious revolution.

Update: John Bolton calling out Maduro supporters by name.

Update: Moving toward the presidential palace, Miraflores.

Update: Don’t miss Ed’s post on how guns = power in Venezuela, according to MSNBC.