SJWs disrupt speech on the UMKC campus, one arrested

The conservative group Young Americans for Freedom hosted a speech by Michael Knowles on the campus of the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) Thursday night. The topic of the speech was “Men are Not Women.” There were a dozen or so protesters on hand to attempt to disrupt the event. From the student newspaper:

One person was injured and arrested following a protest at an event hosted by Young Americans for Freedom Thursday night…

Protestors outside the event were seen holding signs reading “Trans rights are human rights,” and “Knowles’ ideology kills trans women.”

Protestors inside the event originally planned to stage a silent walk-out at the event before heading to the Inclusion Spring Bash at the University Walkway.

As protesters were walking out, one person got up close to the stage with a super-soaker and sprayed something at Knowles. At first, Knowles said he thought it was paint, then later suggested it was bleach. But after the talk, Knowles tweeted that it wasn’t bleach. Whatever it was, it mostly missed because the person with the super-soaker was tackled pretty quickly by police as you can see in this clip:

A couple of things to note here that you may not catch the first time. While the cops are pinning one person to the ground, other SJW’s are trying to open the exit doors so they can let some of the people who just exited the room in protest back in. You’ll see there’s a girl in pink who is scuffling with a cop to get to the door. Second, I can’t believe there is a person shouting “Hands up, don’t shoot!” in 2019. I guess he still hasn’t heard that never happened. Or maybe he knows and just doesn’t care. In any case, it was his buddy with the super-soaker that was shooting something.

Here’s another angle that gives a better view of the arrest and the people fighting to get back in the door.

There’s another clip on YouTube which shows pretty much the same thing.

In this next clip, you can see Knowles reaction on stage. At about 2:10 one of the women who was part of the protest walks up the aisle and passes a black man who is sitting, apparently waiting for the talk to resume. She stops to hector him saying he should be having conversations about supporting the protesters. And here’s one of the major problems with the new intersectional faith. People aren’t seen as individuals who form their own opinions but as members of a group based on their skin color. Wasn’t the idea to get away from that?

After the event the University tweeted out this statement expressing support for free speech, which is a good sign:

Knowles suggested that the people who turned the speech into circus should be expelled from the University. I very much doubt that will happen. In these cases the SJWs, at worst, usually spend a few hours in jail and charges are eventually dropped or they plead it down to some very minor penalty. If you’re interested in Knowles full speech it’s here. Finally, here’s a local news report on the incident: