Daily Caller: Have you met Ben ShapirBro?

The Daily Caller put together a comedy skit which offers a little light mockery of Ben Shapiro. The concept is a pretty amusing one: Ben Shapiro as a fast-talking frat bro whose pedantic and serious manner seems wildly out of place in the Dionysian environment of a frat house. ShapirBro is absurd, but in the end, he still wins the beer pong game and seems to be winning over his rival’s girlfriend too. This is Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings: The College Years and as comedy skit ideas go, it’s better than a lot of what’s on Saturday Night Live these days.

Part of the reason this works is that the guy playing Shapiro does a pretty good impersonation of his facial expressions and delivery style. But you get the impression the goal here was to have some fun poking fun at a competitor not to tear Shapiro down. Here’s the clip:

Shapiro himself took it in good humor, saying his wife loved it:

Finally, there’s a making-of clip which is also pretty funny:

That’s all I’ve got for you on a Friday afternoon. I’m off to see Shazam in about an hour. I’m seeing some pretty positive reviews but I haven’t read any spoilers. I wasn’t completely wowed by the other Captain Marvel movie that came out last month. I’m hoping this one is a bit more fun.

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