The Economist labeled Ben Shapiro an 'alt-right sage' then corrected itself (Update: Babylon Bee response)

The Economist published an interview with Ben Shapiro today which is timed to the release of his new book (which is currenty #1 on the NYT bestsellers list). The interview itself is fine but for some reason, the Economist decided to frame Shapiro as “alt-right.” Dave Rubin screencapped the original headline:

It wasn’t just the headline, the brief introduction of the piece also referred to Shapiro as alt-right. Shapiro was understandably angry:

A Senior Editor for the Economist tried to, um, explain but Shapiro wasn’t having it:

Plenty of other folks got in on the criticism as well:

Even CNN’s Oliver Darcy agreed this was BS:

The good news is that after being ratioed into the stratosphere, the Economist corrected the headline and the story.

I’ll just add my two cents. I’m not personal friends with Ben but I did work with him and I’ve followed him on Twitter for a long time. He is not now and never has been alt-right. I’ve seen him get attacked by the alt-right many times. The Economist made a really absurd choice by labeling him that way and that’s a shame because the interview itself was pretty good. At least they corrected it and apologized which is something.

Update: The Babylon Bee satire site nails it:

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