Sunrise Movement protesters occupy Sen. McConnell's office, get arrested

The Sunrise Movement is a group advocating for the Green New Deal through protests featuring children. Last week the group made news when it released a video showing a bunch of kids meeting with Sen. Dianne Feinstein. This morning, a different group of protesters showed up at Sen. McConnell’s office and briefly took it over. But several members wound up getting arrested. Here’s what happened. First, they gathered outside:

There was singing:

Then they lined up inside:

Raise your fists in solidarity, comrades!

Some entered McConnell’s office:

That shot comes from the midst of this press conference of sorts. The messaging is about creating jobs but that’s clearly not the focus of the Green New Deal.

Then it was back to singing:

McConnell supposedly refused to meet with them. Really, why would he meet with them when he knows the plan is to create another dishonest video like the one they dropped last week on Sen. Feinstein. Why would anyone agree to a struggle session with 100 kids who’ve been trained to talk over you and talk down to you?

I guess they refused to leave on their own because the next thing that happened was some arrests.

This is standard operating procedure for the left. Getting arrested is part of creating a media-friendly drama.

None of these kids will go to jail. What usually happens is they get booked and released. Frequently in situations like this, any charges are eventually dropped.

According to Sunrise, more than 40 were arrested. Outside, the speechifying continues:

This is a handful of people who are obviously getting some funding to organize these stunts. Once this is over, all of these kids will fly, or drive, or take a gas-powered bus back to Kentucky and warm up in their natural gas heated homes as they continue to curse the oil and gas industry for destroying their futures. Only young, inexperienced people could be so cavalier about destroying the energy sector which has made their lives the envy of much of the world. Pretending that their proposal is all about creating jobs, when it’s really about extending government control over nearly everything, is just icing on the cake.