Women's March protesters express concern over anti-Semitism among leadership

Usually, the way these Campus Reform videos go is that the interviewer walks onto a college campus and asks people at random about some progressive issue or group and it turns out the students don’t know much of anything about the topic beyond the simple idea that if it’s on the left it’s good by definition. So this clip is a bit different. The women approached in this clip are all out participating in the Women’s March in Washington, DC over the weekend. Quite a few of them not only know about the allegations of anti-Semitism among Women’s March leadership but agree that it’s a problem even though they obviously support the march.

The first young women in this clip said the reports of anti-Semitism don’t bother her. But as you’ll see her ability to explain why completely falls apart and she winds up sounding a bit confused. To be fair to this young lady, if you stuck a camera in my face unexpectedly there’s a better than average chance I’d sound confused as well.

But most of the rest of the respondents seemed to agree the allegations of anti-Semitism are a problem. The woman dressed as a vagina said, “I’m concerned if there is anti-Semitic support at the march.

Another young woman said she wasn’t concerned by the co-chairs’ support for Louis Farrakhan, but when asked specifically about Tamika Mallory calling Farrakhan the GOAT, she said, “That’s definitely a problem.” That’s a reference to co-chair Tamika Mallory who posted a photo of herself with Farrakhan and called him “GOAT” meaning greatest of all time.

“It’s sad when you want to get behind a movement and then one of the leaders of that movement is supporting something that is completely antithetical to what you’re fighting for,” another respondent said.

“I think she should step down because I feel like it’s a little selfish of her to sort of overshadow the movement,” said another. Again, another reference to c-chair Tamika Mallory.

Here’s the Campus Reform clip. Below that is Tamika Mallory addressing the controversy Saturday.