House Republicans remove Rep. Steve King's committee assignments

House Republicans met Monday evening and removed Rep. Steve King’s committee assignments. King currently sits on the House Judiciary Committee as well as the Committee on Agriculture and the Small Business Committee. From Fox News:

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, was removed from all of his committee assignments by House Republicans Monday evening following bipartisan condemnation of his recent remarks on white supremacy and white nationalism. King was serving on the committee on agriculture, the committee on small business and the committee on judiciary, according to his website.

“We will not tolerate this type of language in the Republican party … or in the Democratic party as well,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., told reporters. “I watched what Steve King said and we took action.”

In a formal statement, McCarthy said King’s comments were “beneath the dignity of the Party of Lincoln and the United States of America. His comments call into question whether he will treat all Americans equally, without regard for race and ethnicity. House Republicans are clear: We are all in this together, as fellow citizens equal before God and the law. As Congressman King’s fellow citizens, let us hope and pray earnestly that this action will lead to greater reflection and ultimately change on his part.”

In a statement, King insisted that his comments had been “completely mischaracterized” and blasted McCarthy for what King called “a political decision that ignores the truth.”

This is basically the outcome that Jazz predicted this morning, i.e. that King would lose some or all of his committee assignments. Meanwhile, Democrats are still threatening further action against King, with two different censure resolutions having been introduced already.

For his part, King released a statement last week denouncing white supremacy and white nationalism as evil ideologies while admitting he could be accurately described as a Nationalist. He also made a statement on the House floor claiming his words had been taken out of context by the NY Times. You can decide whether King’s remarks are as offensive as they appear after listening to his explanation below, but clearly, many of his fellow Republicans no longer believe him.

That all sounds good but clearly his fellow Republicans don’t find his denials credible anymore.

Update: Yesterday evening Rep. King released this statement which tracks with what he said in the video above.