Are you ready for CBS News' Morning Jeff show?

Have you been wondering what’s next for retired Senator Jeff Flake? According to the Hollywood Reporter, Flake was spotted at CBS News in Manhattan where he is being considered for an unknown role at the network.

After retiring from the U.S. Senate last week, Jeff Flake is still looking for his “next thing.” It might just be at CBS News, which has engaged in talks with the Arizona Republican about a role at the network, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Flake, who emerged as one of President Trump’s biggest critics and might challenge him for the party nomination in 2020, was spotted at the network’s Manhattan headquarters last Friday.

Flake could serve in the standard role for ex-politicians, as an on-air contributor — or as something more, according to knowledgable sources.

The fact that Flake is best known for his opposition to Trump makes him a perfect pick for CBS. He’s the kind of Republican who will work on a left-leaning network the same way Joe Scarborough works on MSNBC, i.e. by only occasionally sounding mildly conservative but mostly just harping on Trump. I have no idea if they’ll give him a show. I suspect that would be a bit too much Flake for the audience to take, but as a CBS contributor, he can fill the Ana Navarro role of saying he’s a Republican while spending most of his time bashing Trump.

Honestly, I’m not sure Flake is cut out to be a commentator either. This is a guy who voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh and then went on TV two weeks later and said he still wasn’t sure if he believed the Judge’s version of events or that of Dr. Ford. That’s a level of uncertainty that may not make for riveting television. Plus, everyone at CBS knows that all you have to do to change his mind is scream at him while he’s getting on the elevator.

Flake reportedly met with CNN and MSNBC about six months ago to talk about a future career as a cable contributor. For his part, President Trump predicted last week that Flake would end up at CNN.