2nd Antifa member charged in attack on Marine reservists in Philadelphia

A 2nd suspected Antifa member has turned himself in to police in connection with an alleged attack on a group of Marine reservists which took place this month in Philadelphia. Metro reports:

Thomas Massey, 32, of West Philadelphia, surrendered on Nov. 28 to face charges for the alleged incident on the 100 block of Chestnut Street, in which a group of U.S. Marine reservists some blocks from the rally they were assaulted by a group of men and women calling them “Nazis” and “white supremacists.” One complainant said their phone was stolen…

Massey is now charged with two counts each of criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault and terroristic threats for the incident. He was freed on bail of $10,000 after posting 10 percent, according to court records.

Metro adds that Massey appears to have participated in the Disrupt J20 protests which took place in Washingon, DC during President Trump’s inauguration last year. More than 230 people were arrested after multiple acts of vandalism and arson took place in the city that day, carried out by an organized mob dressed in black bloc attire. Massey told the Washington Post there hadn’t been enough violence to satisfy him:

There wasn’t enough violence to suit Tom Massey, 32, of Philadelphia.

“I think there should have been more violence yesterday,” said Massey, who was among those arrested. Asked if he participated in the violence, Massey replied, “There were some rocks thrown.” He said that he hopes next time, demonstrations will be “more successful. I’ll get to punch a Nazi. I didn’t get to do that yesterday. The police stopped me.”

Massey obviously couldn’t have been 32 last January and still 32 today, so I guess it’s not 100% certain this is the same person but it seems likely to me that it is.

Massey’s surrender comes about a week after another long-time member of Philadelphia Antifa, Tom Keenan, turned himself in to police. As I noted Wednesday, Keenan has been charged with “criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, simple assault, and reckless endangerment.”

It’s interesting how little coverage this story is getting despite the media’s recent interest in political violence. Other than Fox News, no major media outlet has reported on this incident. I suspect that if far-right extremists had assaulted people in the street a few more outlets would be talking about this story. But for now, it’s being treated as local news instead of the latest incident in an ongoing pattern of violent left-wing behavior.

Keenan and Massey were singled out in a video released by police last week. However, the third man in the video has not been identified or charged yet.