Man arrested in Los Angeles being investigated for anti-Semitic hate crime

I completely missed this story until Ben Shapiro tweeted about it a short while ago. Sunday a man named Mohammed Mohammed was arrested in Los Angeles after he allegedly attempted to run down two Jewish people with his car. From CBS LA:

The suspect in the case, identified as Mohammed Mohammed, was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon…

CBSLA interviewed one of the victims, who says he and his friend were the target.

“We both scrambled in different directions so he slammed on his brakes and missed us thank God,” the victim, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

A second security video shows the driver reversing and trying to hit them again.

“He clearly was going at us and it was even more clear on round two,” said the victim.

The intended victim says he and his friend were wearing yarmulkes, making it obvious they were Jews. The area where this happened has a couple of synagogues and people were out walking on the Sabbath.

Moments after the incident, the car sped away and ran a stop sign about five blocks away, colliding with another car. That’s where the driver was arrested. Someone photographed a Koran sitting on the car’s dashboard. No one heard the driver say anything about his own religion, though the intended victim says he was screaming “F**king Jew!” repeatedly. The police are now investigating the incident as an attempted hate crime.

Here’s the CBS LA report. Note that toward the end of this clip, the reporter points out that at first, the LAPD didn’t seem interested in the alleged attempt to run down people in the street. It was only after he asked to speak to a Sergeant that this incident became more than a car crash:

Here’s one more local news clip from ABC 7 in LA:

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