Antifa up to their usual tricks in Portland over the weekend

Six people were arrested Saturday as dueling protests clashed in downtown Portland. The group Patriot Prayer held a #HimToo rally while across the street, separated by police, Antifa held a counter-rally for victims of sexual assault. Things ramped up once the competing rallies were over. From KOIN:

An afternoon of protests, tense moments and projectiles thrown landed 6 people in jail in the wake of another faceoff between Patriot Prayer supporters and anti-fascist activists.

The arrests and charges were announced by Portland police at the end of about 6 hours of rallies, chants, skirmishes and near-mayhem over issues related to sexual assault allegations and its political implications…

In the first of 3 separate-but-connected rallies Saturday at Terry Schrunk Plaza, Olivia Katbismitch, the co-chair of Portland Democratic Socialists of America, said, “The only thing that beats fascists is a bigger crowd of anti-fascists.”

A much larger crowd of self-identified anti-fascists filled the streets of downtown Portland as supporters of Patriot Prayer held a small #HimToo rally, which makes the claim men are oppressed and abused.

Reporter Mike Bivins, who usually covers these competing rallies in Portland was on hand:

Whenever Antifa don’t have someone on the right to harass or threaten, they turn on the cops:

Andy Ngo, a reporter for Quillette was also covering the protests Saturday. He tried to stick close to the Antifa gathering but they repeatedly harassed him and told him to leave:

Here’s a video of Antifa chanting “cops and Klan work hand-in-hand.” Below that is a video of that guy mooning the cops. Antifa hates the police if you haven’t noticed.

Notice the sign that reads “Demand Utopia.” Below that, more harassment:

Ngo said he wanted to file charges against the people who threatened and harassed him but there was no way to do that because their identifies were unknown. He suggested Portland needed a lay which would ban face masks at rallies.

Probably the clip that has received the most attention is the second one below. The woman with the purple hair is named Hannah McClintock. She was one of the six people arrested Saturday and this clip shows why. She and other Antifa members have cornered a few members of Patriot Prayer on the street. She is shouting, taunting, spitting, and swatting at them, clearly eager to start a fight. Patriot Prayer member Tiny Toese keeps telling his people not to respond as McClintock screams that Patriot Prayer is “inherently violent.” Then she throws a punch. Again, Toese tells everyone not to respond in kind. McClintock seems to be working herself up to throwing more punches but the police rush in and drag her away.

That about sums it up. Antifa is there to threaten and intimidate and, occasionally, use violence if they think they can get away with it. Remember the last time Antifa came out in Portland they clubbed a man over the head and left him bleeding int he street. They wear masks so that when they break the law, they can’t be held accountable. I wonder if CNN is going to run this clip and discuss what it means. I’m guessing not since it doesn’t fit in with their view of Antifa as the good guys.

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