Is CNN finally going to admit Antifa is a mob?

Earlier today, Allahpundit wrote a follow-up on the Antifa mob that showed up at Tucker Carlson’s home last night and terrorized his wife. Last night when I wrote about this, I said this:

I guess Don Lemon will need to adjust his defense of Antifa. His previous take was that Ted Cruz “signed up for” harassment of the kind he experienced in the restaurant when he ran for office. But Tucker Carlson never ran for office. So I wonder what excuse Lemon will use this time.

But over at his blog, Ace has really made this point in a more extended way. He recalls that in addition to Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, Brooke Baldwin defended this same group when she said Matt Lewis could not call them a mob on her show:

When Matt Lewis brought up SmashRacism — again, the very group that just attempted a home invasion of a journalist — and its chasing Cruz out of a restaurant, calling it mob behavior, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin again defended SmashRacism, claiming it wasn’t a “mob,” and in fact forbidding the very word from being uttered…

Well, here, we have a network that has repatedly defended, supported, and encouraged the very cell of antifa which is now attempting home invasions against journalists at rival networks — will CNN claim any responsibility for excusing and encouraging their antifa allies?

No, of course not.

Ace points out that this is the kind of responsibility CNN seemed to think the president had for the Florida bomb-maker. Remember that chyron about Trump having no plans to take responsibility for inciting the bomb-maker? So what about the Antifa group that did this, from CNN’s own report:

When police arrived on scene, they found about 20 people, according to the police report.

There was an anarchy symbol spray painted on the driveway. “There were also signs left on the vehicles parked in the driveway as well as a sign left on the front door of the home,” according to the police report.

Some of the signs were seized as evidence. The police report describes the incident as a “suspected hate crime” and says the motivation was “anti-political.”

The same piece goes on to emphasize that people on both sides of the aisle roundly condemned the action. But you wouldn’t have to go far at CNN to find defenders of this exact group. Somehow CNN’s piece fails to mention that.

Is it a mob now, CNN?

Do your hosts finally get that Antifa goons are not the good guys? I want to hear from Brooke Baldwin, Chris Cuomo, and Don Lemon on this. They took a firm stand on this. Let’s see if they still want to defend this group now. The right thing to do here would be for these hosts to admit they misjudged Antifa and this group in particular. It’s not a close call.

To be clear, I don’t think CNN is responsible for the behavior of 20 Antifa idiots in Washington, DC any more than I think Trump was responsible for Cesar Sayoc.  But someone at CNN clearly did think Trump was at least partly responsible for Sayoc. Either they need to hold themselves to the same standard or they should admit fringe people are going to do fringe things and there is no climate of hate controlling them. CNN can’t have it both ways.