Progressives: White women need accountability and 'a lot of learning' after failing to vote uniformly for left-wing candidates

With the loss of Beto O’Rourke, Stacey Abrams, and Andrew Gillum, progressives and feminists were looking to explain why far left candidates have so much trouble winning elections. The conclusion some of them reached: White women aren’t voting for their interests and are instead supporting the patriarchy. Let’s start with this tweet by the Women’s March:

So the white women who voted for Rafael Edward Cruz are racist but the ones who voted for Robert Francis O’Rourke aren’t?

To say all of this is creepy and condescending is really to undersell it a bit. What kind of “accountability” does the Women’s March have in mind? The riff about a lot of learning and growing, which they want to do with these women, makes me wonder if they’re envisioning some form of mandatory re-education. Of course, the Women’s March wouldn’t call it that but what are we talking about here? It’s a little too 1984 for me.

There’s also the question of what “White women gonna white” is supposed to mean in the tweet they RTd? If you look at the numbers, it seems it was black women who voted uniformly as a block. White women split their vote, almost evenly in the case of DeSantis. So the problem here isn’t that white women voted too much the same, it’s that they didn’t do it enough, i.e. one uniform block supporting progressives. Maybe that’s because some women see things, I don’t know, differently?

Jill Filipovic immediately concluded the problem was racism.

Jesse Singal pointed out that Filipovic’s solutions seemed a bit absurd.

Meanwhile, former sports-talk show host Jemele Hill, who was recently hired by the Atlantic made a similar point:

In case you weren’t sure where she was going with this “face of feminism” thing, she explained it this morning:

Like the Women’s March, Hill also wants to make sure white women are held accountable:

I wonder if there’s a corollary to this. I mean, if progressive Dems are the only party for women, doesn’t that imply men would be idiots to vote for anyone but conservative Republicans? After all, isn’t it in their interest, almost by definition, to maintain the patriarchy? I wonder if we should try to hold men who vote for the left accountable in some way. Maybe some learning and growing is needed.

Or maybe that’s just garbage thinking that treats everyone as a monolithic group based on their sex and/or skin color. Maybe we should, in fact, be glad to see people behaving as individuals rather than skin-color based collectives. I mean, isn’t that what we still want in this country?