Actor Alec Baldwin arrested after allegedly punching someone over a parking space

Saturday Night Live’s favorite Trump imitator, Alec Baldwin, was arrested today after allegedly punching someone over a parking dispute. From the Daily Beast:

According to a preliminary investigation, Baldwin had someone holding a parking spot for him and while he was moving his car to the spot, someone else took the space, a senior law enforcement official told The Daily Beast. When Baldwin pulled up to space and noticed it had been taken, he approached the man at a parking meter, the official said, and the two began shoving each other before Baldwin allegedly threw a punch.

The victim, 49, was taken to Lenox Hill hospital.

No doubt the victim is going to be hiring a good lawyer and seeking a very generous settlement.

Meanwhile, Baldwin was charged with assault and harassment and released. The Associated Press has video of Baldwin leaving the police station. As you can see, there are about 30 or more photographers there waiting for him. As he gets into the car, someone shouts, “Hey, Alec, can’t you afford a garage at this point with the money you make?” This brings a laugh from some of the other paparazzi.

Baldwin has frequently mocked President Trump with his impersonations on Saturday Night Live. That led to a Twitter fight between Baldwin and the president earlier this year which received coverage on CNN and elsewhere:

That history of friction between the two men is why, shortly after Baldwin’s arrest, someone asked President Trump for his reaction. After clarifying who had been arrested, Trump shrugged and said, “I wish him luck.”