Break in at Fox DC affiliate, suspect shot (He'd made threats before) (Update)

Monday a man kicked through the doors of Fox 5 in Washington, DC and was shot by a female security guard. Fox 5 reports the man survived and was taken to a nearby hospital. He has been identified by police and is believed to have made previous threats against Fox and the police:

A suspected intruder who was shot trying to break into WTTG FOX 5’s building in D.C. on Monday was known to both FOX executives and police, according to sources, and had leveled threats at both FOX and law enforcement previously.

It is not known whether those threats were made toward the FOX network, or the local affiliate specifically…

The man is suspected to have mental health issues, according to D.C. police.

The man was not armed when he broke down the doors, so it’s not clear what he was hoping to accomplish. Here’s the video of him breaking through two sets of front doors:

Here’s a video clip taken inside the lobby after the shooting. You can see some blood on the floor:

Fox 5 reporter Lindsay Watts says the man has been identified and offers a sample of the kind of rants he has sent Fox employees before. From what I see here I think the suggestion that the suspect has mental problems is not a stretch:

NBC 4 in Washington is reporting that the suspect wanted Fox 5 to make contact with President Trump:

The suspect, whose name was not released immediately, said he wanted Fox 5 to make contact with President Donald Trump, sources told News4. D.C. Police Commander Melvin Gresham said at a press conference that he could not confirm that possible motive…

A female security guard tried to subdue the man with pepper spray but the man continued to act aggressively. The guard then shot him once inside the lobby of the studio, authorities said.

As noted, police denied having heard the claim about contacting Trump, so take that with a grain of salt for now:

Here’s the video of the same man being taken to the hospital after he was shot once in the torso:

Update: Two female security guards confronted the man after he broke in.