More evidence Kyrsten Sinema was on the political fringe

Yesterday I wrote about a 2011 video which had surfaced showing Arizona Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema describing the Tea Party and Republicans in general as “crazy.” Earlier today, Allahpundit covered another video in which Sinema referred to Arizona as the “meth lab of democracy.” You might think that’s enough bad PR for one candidate in 24 hours but this afternoon CNN published a new story with even more revelations from Sinema’s past.


CNN had previously reported that Sinema hosted numerous anti-war gatherings and the posters for those events featured a U.S. soldier as a skeleton toting a machine-gun and asked people to join in opposing “U.S. terror in Iraq.” Sinema claimed she hadn’t created or approved the art for those posters. Today, CNN reports that Sinema gave a radio interview just prior to that rally in which the libertarian host suggested he should be allowed to join the Taliban if he wanted and she agreed.

Sinema and Hancock discussed their political views, with Hancock taking up the libertarian argument against intervention and raising as a hypothetical against Sinema’s worldview if she would oppose him joining the Taliban army.

“Now you would say, maybe we do owe something to the world, as long as it’s nice and sweet and peaceful and what you want to do,” Hancock said to Sinema on his show, “Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock.”

“Well it’s not so much a candy cane kind of theory as you’re making it stand out,” Sinema responded. “But I do think that those of us who are privileged to have more do owe something to others.”

“By force?” Hancock asked. “By me, as an individual, if I want to go fight in the Taliban army, I go over there and I’m fighting for the Taliban. I’m saying that’s a personal decision…”

“Fine,” Sinema interjected, “I don’t care if you want to do that, go ahead.”


In the context of an anti-war rally in which the Taliban are one of the enemies we were preparing to fight, you might expect someone to say: ‘You shouldn’t join the Taliban because they’re violent extremists.’ Sinema obviously didn’t do that. I don’t think she’s endorsing the Taliban here but it does seem like a pretty extreme thing to just let pass.

I think the generous reading is that she didn’t want to contradict the libertarian host while he’s giving her rally free publicity. CNN does report that after a few more hypotheticals Sinema said, “I don’t want to debate any kind of, I don’t know, fiscal opportunities with you.”

The more damning accusation in the CNN story is the second one. Sinema co-hosted a radio show on Air America with a guy named Jeff Farias in 2005 and 2006. Shortly after she left the show, Farias apparently became a big proponent of 911 trutherism and spent time talking about the garbage documentary called “Loose Change.” There’s no audio of Sinema joining in on any of this but she continued to appear on Farias radio show for several years after his belief in trutherism was well known.

While Farias said that he and Sinema never discussed 9/11 on or off the air, Sinema’s continued association with him long after he became prominent in the 9/11 truth movement shows how her left-wing activism brought her into contact with the those on the left who held fringe views during her political rise…

Archived web pages online show that Sinema appeared on Farias’ various radio programs at least five times since they stopped doing the “Truth to Power Hour” together. A review by CNN’s KFile found appearances listed in August 2012, April 2010, twice in July 2009, and in 2008. The audio of the programs is not archived online.


Sinema’s campaign says she didn’t know Farias was a big proponent of 911 trutherism at the time. It’s basically the same excuse she offered for the anti-war flyers. Yes, she was right there in the middle of it but no she didn’t know or approve of what was happening around her.

I don’t buy it. I think the evidence is pretty clear that Sinema is not any kind of moderate. Farias, her former radio co-host seems to agree. He tells CNN he doesn’t think she has abandoned any of principles but has “learned how to play politics.” Arizonans should be aware of that when they go to the polls next month.

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