The 'don't call it a mob' supercut video

Andrew Kugle at the Washington Free Beacon has created a new supercut, this one featuring reporters and commentators telling people it’s not fair to refer to left-wing protesters as a mob. Those clips are interspersed with recent video of actual left-wing protesters shouting at people and pounding on things.

I think you could reasonably argue that the left-wing protesters aren’t just a mob. There were several hundred protesters who were arrested at the Supreme Court last week, but most of them were arrested peacefully. It’s fair to say that ones invading restaurants or pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court are a minority.

But CNN and MSNBC can’t settle for half or even 3/4 of a loaf. They insist on whitewashing all of this. It’s this inability to admit some of these people are going too far that gives the game away. The left-leaning media aren’t behaving like reporters, they’re behaving like defense attorneys who refuse to admit anything that would make their clients look bad.

If you’ve been paying attention to these outlet’s coverage of Antifa, it has followed the same pattern. You have people who wear masks, break windows, set fires, and hit people with bike locks and bats and still CNN’s Chris Cuomo is out there arguing that “all punches are not equal” as a way to let them off the hook. Maybe they’re not heroes exactly, but they’re at least anti-heroes at CNN.

Last month, CNN’s Don Lemon argued that harassing Ted Cruz and his wife in a restaurant was “what he signed up for.” When did he sign up for that exactly? According to Lemon, anyone who holds office should expect to face this sort of behavior even though no one has ever faced anything like this prior to a couple months ago when the left decided this was the next stage of their resistance theater.

Even progressive champion Beto O’Rourke, Ted Cruz’s opponent in the race for Senate, said the protesters harassing Cruz were out of line. Why can’t the hosts at CNN say the same? I think we all have a pretty good guess. Let’s just say it’s revealing that there isn’t a hair’s width of difference between openly left-wing commentators on MSNBC and the hosts at CNN.