Protesters climb Capitol steps in symbolic act of defiance, get arrested

By the time this post goes up Judge Kavanaugh will likely have been confirmed so consider this a flashback to the events earlier in the day when protesters were still eager to turn out in force in hopes of somehow blocking his confirmation. It started with protesters getting training of some kind:

At some point, a group of protesters made their way to Susan Collins house:

Protesters eventually made their way to the U.S. Capitol where police were lined up to keep them off the Capitol steps. But protesters had apparently decided standing on the steps was one of their goals. That’s one of the things they had received training for apparently:

Here are the trained protesters running up the steps:

I guess the goal at this point was to create some kind of symbolic moral victory: Yes, Kavanaugh got confirmed but, hey, we stormed the Capitol like it was the beaches at Normandy! That’s why every moment of this historic act needed to be recorded for posterity:

And here’s the requisite “we have already won” messaging:

Anyway, once the protesters got up on the steps, there was a lot of chanting:

“Black Lives Matter” was one of the chants for reasons I’m sure make sense to someone:

After a little while, police started arresting everyone on the steps:

As the cops did their job calmly and professionally, the protesters turned to a NSFW chant of “F**k this s**t!”

All the arrestees were released a short time later which was cause for celebration and also fundraising:

Clearly, Women’s March supporters remain as upset about “XX” being on the Supreme Court as they were the moment “XX” was announced as the nominee. And since they couldn’t stop him, they need something else to feel good about.