The Women's March is not handling Sen. Collins' Kavanaugh decision very well

The folks behind the Women’s March did not respond well to Sen. Collins’ announcement that she would vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh this afternoon. Linda Sarsour, one of the founders of the group, tweeted this:

Given that Christine Blasey Ford is a white woman, I’m not sure how this became a racial issue or what Collins’ producing white children and grandchildren has to do with this? And after weeks of people comparing this to the confirmation of Justice Clarence Thomas, it’s sort of odd that Sarsour is saying black men never get the same treatment. I thought the whole point of all those Anita Hill hot takes was that a black man got exactly the same treatment.

The main Women’s March site tweeted this out:

Then it RT’d this:

And this:

No doubt Sarsour and company are genuinely upset about this but it probably didn’t help that Sen. Collins mocked them during her speech today. Did you catch it?

That’s a reference to this sloppy press release put out by Women’s March:

By the way, another Senator mocked the group’s press release at the time. Here’s Sen. Graham:

The Women’s March doesn’t believe this is over yet. They are gearing up for one final push tomorrow:

I hope security is tight. These people are very worked up and not prepared to accept a loss tomorrow, despite the fact that the final outcome appears inevitable at this point.