Avenatti: Behold, another accuser at the 11th hour

Just about everyone watching this spectacle expected new allegations would drop this week, probably just as the FBI was wrapping up its supplemental investigation. Attorney Michael Avenatti did not disappoint. Yesterday, he tweeted a fresh allegation from a person who claims to be friends with Julie Swetnick and Christine Blasey Ford:

Avenatti tweeted the same declaration out again this morning:

The unnamed witness claims Kavanaugh attended a lot of parties and was often drunk. The most serious allegation in the statement is that he spiked the punch with “Quaaludes and/or grain alcohol.” This seems like an 11th-hour effort to back up Swetnick’s claims after her NBC News interview didn’t go very well. If this new accuser is an old friend of Swetnick, why didn’t she come forward sooner to back up her claims? Why wait until she seems to be floundering to step forward?

Mitch McConnell tweeted this morning about Democratic attempts to delay the process. He didn’t mention Avenatti but maybe he had him in mind, at least partly.

Alan Dershowitz suggested this morning that Avenatti might have an “ethical obligation” to withdraw Swetnick’s allegations after her NBC interview in which her story seemed to change.

Avenatti did not take kindly to that and mentioned the new accusation in his response. He also attacked Dershowitz as a “has been.”

This isn’t the first time Avenatti and Dershowitz have crossed swords over this allegation. I get the impression they are none too fond of one another to put it mildly:

Avenatti is clearly on a political crusade. His pinned tweet is a list of his progressive platform items to support a possible run for office. Taking down Kavanaugh, or helping Democrats do so, would give him a political accomplishment to point to on the campaign trail.

None of that proves Swetnick is lying or that the new accuser is either, but it does suggest a clear ulterior motive for Avenatti’s handling of this. If you want to delay the vote as a means to kill the nomination, this is how you would go about it.

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Jazz Shaw 7:31 PM on October 02, 2022