Christine Blasey Ford's 2nd door was for a marriage counseling office

Remember the 2nd door that Christine Blasey Ford said she needed installed on her house because she was traumatized by her teenage encounter with Brett Kavanaugh? From Dr. Ford’s opening statement:

According to Paul Sperry at RealClearInvestigations, records indicate the door was used not just an escape route but was used as the front door for a marriage counseling office.

Palo Alto city records show that a building permit for an additional room and exterior door was issued to Ford and her husband on Feb. 4, 2008 — more than four years before the May 2012 therapy session where, she says, she first identified Kavanaugh as her attacker…

Other documents, including health care-provider registration records, reveal that a marriage counselor listed Ford’s home address as her place of employment, ostensibly using the extra room and door for her clinical practice. That marriage therapist, Sylvia Adkins Randall, sold the home to the Fords in 2007, but continued to maintain the address for her business.

Contacted by phone, Dr. Randall expressed concern about her real estate transaction and prior relationship with Ford being reported.

“I don’t want it to be mentioned,” she said. “It’s personal.”…

Since the second front door was installed, moreover, students from local colleges have lived in the additional room with the private door. In fact, under congressional questioning Thursday, Ford testified she has “hosted” various other residents there, including “Google interns.”

The attorney said the tenants call into question Ford’s claims about why she installed the additional exterior door in her home.

“Renters and a business operating out of Dr. Ford’s home would explain the added door,” he said. “Clearly, there were business purposes [for it], not just ones related to her anxieties.”

To be clear, Dr. Ford definitely admitted the 2nd door had been used for guests living in the front room. However, the bit about it being used as a marriage counseling office, perhaps immediately after it was completed, is new. Obviously, if you’re going to have a business in a home, especially one run by someone other than the homeowner, a 2nd door is preferable to walking patients through the house.

Does this prove that Dr. Ford’s story is false? Not exactly. She could have multiple reasons for wanting a 2nd front door, some practical and some personal. The issue is that we hadn’t really been told that the practical reasons may have also been on her mind at the time of the renovation. Her testimony about Google interns staying there was framed as if it were just an afterthought, a way to capitalize on her otherwise illogical decision to have a 2nd door. But it seems practically was part of it from the beginning.

All of this brings to mind her statements about needing to delay her testimony because she couldn’t fly to the hearing. Her friend told CNN that this too was connected to her alleged assault as a teen. But under oath last week Dr. Ford admitted that she has flown quite a bit, including for vacations overseas. She may genuinely prefer not to fly, but she’s not going to miss a trip to Tahiti over it. Similarly, she may genuinely prefer having two exits but she’s also aware it makes a spare room more appealing to renters.

If the FBI is going to interview Dr. Ford, they ought to ask her about this, specifically how long she has been renting the room to someone else who has used the 2nd door as a separate front door.

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David Strom 8:31 AM on October 02, 2022