Sen. Hirono: Hey, sorry for fundraising off the Kavanaugh allegations

Sen. Maize Hirono’s campaign apologized Thursday for a fundraising email focused on allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. As Christine Blasey Ford was beginning her testimony, Sen. Hirono sent out the email titled, “Asking for a minute to explain (Kavanaugh).” CNN reports:

“I am spending every minute of my day fighting the Republicans who are desperate to rush Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and deny a fair investigation into the credible sexual misconduct allegations against him,” Hirono wrote. “This has to be my focus.”

She added: “What that means is I have limited time to campaign for our re-election or to fundraise — making us particularly vulnerable to right-wing attacks.”…

Over an hour later, Hirono’s campaign apologized for the email.

“A fundraising message was sent this morning in error,” read an email signed by “Team Hirono.” “We apologize sincerely for the error. All contributions that were made on this page will be donated to organizations helping survivors of sexual assault.”

Well, they are right to call this an error but it certainly wasn’t a clerical mistake. Hirono or someone working for her thought this was a good idea and wrote the fundraising appeal in the first person as if it were coming from the Senator herself. I would think Sen. Hirono would at least need to read and approve such an appeal but who knows. Maybe she was too busy with her media interviews about Brett Kavanaugh.

Hirono has repeatedly made a fool of herself in the past week. Last Tuesday she told American men to “Shut up and step up!” Then she claimed that Senator Grassley’s multiple attempts to contact Christine Blasey Ford by phone and email were “bulls**t.” Over the weekend she suggested on television that Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy was an indication that he wasn’t trustworthy. Hirono was given a chance to walk that back a bit on MSNBC and instead chose to double-down.

In short, Sen. Hirono has been making a fool of herself, but the left seems to love it, at least until today anyway.

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