Let's make fun of the DC anti-fascists some more

Ed wrote earlier about Antifa’s best and brightest who invaded a DC restaurant last night to harass Senator Ted Cruz and his wife. About an hour after posting their video, the group put up a thread on Twitter expressing their vision of a better world, a world without borders, capitalism, and fine dining:



“Your votes are hate crimes,” made me wonder if this was satire by some more clever group. But no, they appear to be serious.

Immediately, they attack the price of the menu (which sounds delicious) and contrast that with Americans struggling to buy groceries. I guess that means that in the world envisioned by Smash Racism DC fine dining is out since someone, somewhere will always be struggling.


Maybe the women gasping in horror should acknowledge there is more to life than politics. Maybe they could go to a movie or out for a nice meal with their significant other… Oh, wait. I guess that’s not allowed.


I could have sworn there were less than a dozen protesters shouting in that restaurant. Apparently, that was the combined force of at least four different DC anarchist groups. That’s a little sad. I wonder if some of them got the text about an emergency protest of Ted Cruz and were like ‘Let’s go smash the fash, comrades!’ And then about half of them didn’t show up because, really, who wants to spend their evening being an a-hole to a bunch of strangers?

That last tweet is definitely my favorite. A world without capitalism? Did they shoot this video on a super 8 camera they cobbled together in the garage? If you watch closely, you can see at that half the members of this group are filming with their phones/cameras. There’s nothing quite as clueless as a group of anarchist using $500 smartphones (made in China at prevailing wages) to coordinate and film their protest and then posting everything on Twitter as they take an uber home. What part of this sideshow would have been possible without capitalism, exactly?


As for eliminating prisons, even members of this group aren’t dumb enough to attack a Senator in front of witnesses. Don’t get me wrong, they’re clearly very dumb but getting physical with Cruz in public would mean jail time and they know that. I don’t think their commitment to anti-fascism goes much beyond breaking dinner reservations.

“You should be embarrassed for existing,” is a perfect way to sum up this group.

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