Sen Hirono: Grassley's claim he's doing all he can to contact Christine Blasey Ford is 'such bulls**t'

Sen. Maize Hirono is on a roll this week. Tuesday, during a press conference she said men in America should “shut up and step up.” Yesterday, she appeared on CNN to say the GOP’s offer to have Christine Blasey Ford testify was tantamount to re-victimizing her. Also yesterday, Hirono told ABC that Sen. Grassley’s claim that he was doing everything he could to contact Blasey Ford was “bulls**t.” From Mediaite:

Hirono is railing against Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley‘s claims that Republicans have done everything they can to contact Ford.

“That is such bulls**t I can hardly stand it,” Hirono told ABC News reporter Ali Rogin.

Since this came in the midst of a heavily edited segment it was impossible to get the full context, but reporter Ali Rogin offered this fuller version of Hirono’s remarks on Twitter: “We’re not consulted at all. I would like to have us come together and figure out what is the best way to proceed. Not this seat of the pants stuff and the latest being a letter from the chairman to the Democrats saying we have done everything we can to contact her. That is such bulls**t I can hardly stand it.”

But Garrett Ventry, a spokesperson for Sen. Grassley, called Hirono’s claim, “nonsense.” “The Committee has sent 9 emails and left 2 voicemails,” Ventry wrote on Twitter.

Nine emails and 2 voicemails seem like a good-faith effort to reach Ford. But while the GOP may have the facts on their side, that doesn’t seem to matter much to a lot of people on the left who think Hirono’s outbursts this week have been a blast. It’s another reminder that the truth is a lot less important than the bread and circuses aspect of this showdown to a lot of people. Here’s the clip of Sen. Hirono (scroll to the end):