Road rage video: Woman smashes bus, runs over driver to get away

It’s Friday so how about a break from politics so we can take a look at this insane road rage video shot yesterday in Washington, DC. DCist reports on what happened just before the camera started rolling:

The interaction began around 6 p.m. on Thursday when the driver of a gold Audi tried to aggressively pass in front of the Greyhound, apparently sideswiping a Volvo in the process, according to a police report. At a traffic light at the intersection of Bladensburg Road and Montana Avenue, the driver of the Volvo confronted the Audi driver and an argument ensued, police said. The bus driver apparently got involved, too.

“You’re a crazy driver, you need to get off the road,” the bus driver told the woman, according to the police report. The police narrative continues: the Audi driver pulled out a baseball bat out of her trunk and proceeded to crack the bus windshield; then she went back to her trunk, grabbed a car jack, and starting hitting the driver’s side of the bus.

And then all hell breaks loose. Not only does she smash the bus with the metal jack, she then tries to flee the scene in her Audi. But because the bus driver is standing in front of her car, she can’t leave. So she runs him over, not once but several times. Note some NSFW language in this clip:

Three people’s behavior here strikes me as very off. First, the woman in the Audi has completely lost it, obviously. She decided vandalism wasn’t enough and escalated to hit and run. This seems like someone who should a) go to jail for hit and run and b) lose their license for a long time.

Second, the bus driver is nuts. Later in the clip, people ask why he keeps getting in front of a car that has already tried to mow him down, he says, “She was going to get away with it!” That would be awful but still better than being dead! Seriously, how many encounters with a 4,000-pound car does this older man think he has in him? Not to mention that he must have had her license plate number by that point. Get out of the way and let the police handle it.

Third, after the first time the driver runs into the bus driver, the person filming runs out to stop her. But another guy runs up to defend her saying, “You don’t need to put your hands on her.” Really, dude? She just hit someone with a car, intentionally. Maybe don’t worry about her safety so much. Maybe he was an embarrassed boyfriend but if so he should have pulled her away from the car to prevent her fleeing the scene and committing additional crimes. She would have thanked him later.

As you can see from the tweet above, the driver has been identified. DCist reports she has been charged with, “‘leaving after colliding – property damage,’ ‘assault with a dangerous weapon,’ and ‘destruction of property.'”