Have democrats abandoned #MeToo for Keith Ellison's sake?

The Washington Post reports that Democrats are taking a “wait-and-see approach” to allegations of abuse surrounding Rep. Keith Ellison. Both Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris apparently have nothing to say about the matter:

Does Sanders have an opinion on what Ellison should do?

“Nope, nothing,” the Vermont independent said Thursday, rushing for the Senate doors. “You’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get going.”

Other Democrats expressed support for the DNC review but much less of a rush to judgment as they did last fall when accusations against other members surfaced at the height of the #MeToo movement.

“I know that the DNC is investigating it, so we’ll see and let that run its course,” said Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.).

Wow, don’t knock us out with your concern for alleged victims. In a matter of six months, Democrats have gone from demanding Sen. Franken resign to scurrying away from microphones muttering, “I’ve got to get going” when asked about Rep. Ellison. What happened to #MeToo? As Ed pointed out yesterday, it took 3 days for the DNC to even issue a statement about the allegations. Now it seems whatever vague internal investigation the DNC pursues is going to be more than enough.

One of the leading hypocrites is Senator Gillibrand. When Sen. Franken was accused, she demanded a House Ethics Committee investigation and then called for Franken to resign as allegations mounted. She even threw Bill Clinton under the bus, saying he should have resigned after the revelations about Monica Lewinsky. But so far, Gillibrand has said nothing about Rep. Ellison:

So far no congressional Democrat has called for a House Ethics Committee investigation into Ellison, instead settling for the somewhat vague DNC “review” of the situation. Gillibrand has not issued a statement about Ellison, and her press office did not respond to requests for comment Wednesday.

You begin to get the impression that #MeToo is just another passing enthusiasm for Democrats. They embraced it because the base was in an uproar over Harvey Weinstein, but now that the media has moved on to other things, they aren’t as eager to apply the new rules they championed just a few months ago.

Of course, it goes without saying that things would look very different if Rep. Ellison had an R after his name. We’ll see the Democrats embracing this with both arms again the very next moment they have a Republican to condemn.

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