Jason Kessler gets yelled at by his dad during livestream

I’ve written a bunch about Antifa and how pathetic that group is but it has to be said that Jason Kessler, the racist who organized the Unite the Right march last year and the sequel last weekend, is also pretty pathetic. Kessler was doing a livestream back on June 28 with another white supremacist named Patrick Little when someone came in and yelled, “get out of my room.” That someone turned out to be Kessler’s father. It seems Kessler, aged 34, is living at home. From HuffPost:

“Hey, you get out of my room!” a man can be heard bellowing in the background…

“Hey, sorry, I’m having an issue here,” Kessler tells Little.

Little asks if Kessler has a “drunk roommate.” After trying to avoid a full answer, Kessler, 34, finally admits that it’s his dad yelling at him.

“I want this to stop in my room, Jason!” his father can be heard shouting. “This is my room!”

Kessler then explains that his parents are not on board with his view of the world, explaining that they’ve been watching too much “anti-German propaganda” on the History Channel. And by anti-German, I’m almost certain he means anti-Nazi. Kessler goes on to describe his parents as “cucked.” That’s a hell of a thing to say when you’re living on dad’s dime. I wonder if Kessler still gets an allowance.

For his part, Little responds by saying he maintains a boat in case he is ever evicted from his apartment, but admits he will have to rent out the boat or sell it soon to keep going. So it seems to be lean times for the master race. What a shame.

I still support the right of idiots to speak without fear of being punched by left-wing goons, but it suits me fine to learn this guy is currently getting crap from his parents while living in mom’s basement. Here’s the clip. Kessler is the guy on the iPhone:

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