Left-wing mob interrupts Candace Owens' breakfast with primal screams

Earlier, Ed wrote about Twitter coming after Candace Owens for quoting NY Times hire Sarah Jeong’s tweets (but replacing the word “white” with “Jewish”). Twitter apologized after realizing they had helped make Owens’ point. But Owens was involved in some more drama this morning. She and fellow Turning Point USA leader Charlie Kirk were having breakfast at a cafe in Philadelphia when they were surrounded by a screeching mob.

The sequence of events here isn’t entirely clear but it doesn’t really matter. As you can see in this clip, Kirk and Owens are inside the restaurant and some of the protesters are inside screaming at them. When they head outside a small mob is chanting and giving them the finger. The protesters, who appear to be mostly young, white women, chant “F**k white supremacy.” Someone with a bullhorn is yelling in Candace Owens ear and she tells that person to back off. And then the protesters begin primal screaming as loud as they can. The look on Owens’ face is priceless.

This clip picks up with someone from the mob pouring a drink on Charlie Kirk. At this point, police officers enter the frame and, as always happens in situations like this, the leftist mob momentarily forgets about Owens and Kirk and begins chanting at the police officers. “Cops and Klan, hand in hand” the protesters chant at a group of police officers who are mostly black and Hispanic. Candace Owens yells back, “This is why we love the police because you guys are the violent people, we aren’t.”

So, just another day for left-wing lunatics to show us who they are. I don’t think it’s necessary to blame their behavior on anyone else, but I do wonder if the left’s celebration of the public treatment of Sarah Sanders and the encouragement of Rep. Maxine Waters to hound people in public acts as a sort of permission for this kind of unhinged behavior.

I wonder if these clips will wind up on CNN? I’d be curious to know what Jim Acosta thinks about this.

Update: The mob is so proud of itself: