Vandals untied a $40 million yacht owned by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos' family

A $40 million yacht owned by Secretary Betsy Devos’ family was untethered from a dock in Huron, Ohio and left to drift away. The Toledo Blade reports:

The Seaquest was moored at the Huron Boat Basin, 330 Main St., according to a police report. The captain of the 163-foot yacht, worth a reported $40 million, called police at about 6 a.m. Sunday, telling them that he and the crew realized at sunrise that someone had untied Seaquest from the dock, setting it adrift.

The crew eventually got control of the yacht, but not before it struck the dock, causing an estimated $5,000 to $10,000 in damage from large scratches and scrapes, according to the police report.

Officers were searching for surveillance video that may show who untied the yacht.


I suspect a port where $40 million yachts are tied up has some kind of security cameras in place, so maybe we’ll eventually learn whether or not this was a random incident or someone with a more specific grievance. HuffPost reports the police are not commenting on any possible motive:

Huron City Police Chief Robert Lippert confirmed to HuffPost that the yacht belonged to the DeVos family. He said DeVos had not been aboard at the time, but could not confirm whether other family members had been…

Lippert would not speculate on a potential motive, citing the ongoing investigation. Police had not yet obtained surveillance video of the incident, but were following up on a few potential leads, Lippert said.

“Had there been different wind or more wind, [the yacht] could have certainly floated a lot further than it did,” Lippert told HuffPost.

Meanwhile, some on the left are celebrating. From the Root:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was reportedly holding a $40 million yacht hostage and some good samaritans set the yacht free.

Fine, DeVos owns the yacht the $40 million yacht and vandals reportedly untied it from a northern Ohio marina where is was docked and it drifted out to sea.

DeVos has been a target for the left on many occasions since she became Secretary of Education. Back in February of last year, she was blocked from entering a middle school by protesters. She was subsequently given additional security from U.S. Marshals. Last September, Keith Olbermann referred to DeVos as a “mother****er” in a tweet that was liked more than 50,000 times. She was protested at Harvard. Teacher’s union president Randi Weingarten recently called DeVos the “worst” Secretary of Education in history. All of that to say, DeVos has been a lightning rod for controversy and protest from day one and that continues right up to this week.


Obviously, the DeVos family can easily absorb the loss of $10,000 in damage. If the entire thing had sunk to the bottom, DeVos would be fine. But we’ve seen a lot of talk in the past couple of months about targeting members of the Trump administration in their private lives. While it’s too early to say for certain that’s what happened here, this could turn out to be another example of a bad trend.

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