This Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez video made a lot of progressives forget how satire works (Update)

It’s not easy to satirize Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but Allie Beth Stuckey tried and appears to have succeeded. By editing herself with bits of an interview Ocasio-Cortez gave to PBS’ Margaret Hoover a little over a week ago, Stuckey created a satirical spot which was quickly denounced by Ocasio-Cortez and quite a few blue checkmark reporters on the left. Here’s the clip. See how long it takes you to figure out this is satire:

The clip went up yesterday and this morning a NY Times reporter stated the obvious, i.e. the satire clip isn’t real.

That’s when Ocasio-Cortez herself jumped on it and proclaimed the satire a fake (and also that Republicans are scared of her):

Buzzfeed was all over the case of the “doctored” video:

CRTV, which created the video, did not say why they created the video. In an emailed statement, they said that, “Satire has a long tradition and plays a valuable role in political discourse. Many comedians, late night hosts, and TV programs like Saturday Night Live have used satire for decades. We love Allie’s creative work and look forward to liberals feigning outrage at satire in future videos.”

Just a little over a week ago, a different Buzzfeed author praised Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show which uses, wait for it…satirical interviews to mock its subjects. And get this, he doesn’t wear a big sign saying “satire” when he interviews people under false pretenses.

A Vox reporter called the satire “reprehensible.”

Meanwhile, Allie Beth Stuckey seemed to be amused by the freakout:

This really is intensely stupid. The kind of comedy interview Stuckey is doing here is clearly identifiable as a descendant of Comedy Central style of editing in which an interview subject is asked questions for hours and then the host edits it down to 3 minutes of clever non-sequiturs and blank expressions. The left has made a number of people major celebrities for practicing this style of misleading ambush comedy. Progressives love this stuff!

Except when someone on the right does it to one of their heroes. Then, suddenly they all forget how satire works. What is this strange thing we’ve only seen done on Comedy Central every night for the past decade?! You can bet that after writing articles about this right-wing outrage, all of these folks will go home and tune into Samantha Bee. What utter hypocrites.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Ocasio-Cortez did herself no favors in the real interview on which this satire was based. From not knowing how the unemployment rate is calculated, to her musing on the occupation of Palestine. You could argue the satire video above is much less embarrassing than the real video. Enjoy this very real and unedited interview trainwreck on Israel.

Update 7/25: Many on the left are still pretending to be confused and outraged about this obvious satire, but Allie Beth Stuckey is not backing down:

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