Supreme Court nominee: And the winner is...Brett Kavanaugh

As you certainly know by now, President Trump is announcing his Supreme Court nominee tonight at 9 pm. We’re going to cover this as breaking news and do frequent updates starting a little before 9, going through the actual announcement, followed by the first waves of outrage and ecstasy (if there is any) over the pick.

Just to review, there have really been four names mentioned as in the running over the past few days. It seems two of those individuals, Brett Kavanaugh and Thomas Hardiman, are both in DC at the moment. As Allahpundit noted here, Amy Coney Barrett is apparently still home in Indiana, so it looks like she’s out of the running. As for Raymond Kethledge, I’m not sure where he is but there are rumors circulating that he’s definitely not the pick:

So that’s where things stand at the moment but of course, there is lots of conflicting information and the Trump administration is almost certainly trying to mislead people to preserve the surprise as long as possible. The White House just put out this anticipatory video showing the president’s view of the walk to the podium:

Here’s the Fox News feed of the announcement.

Update: Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the pick. Check out Allahpundit’s post about Kavanaugh here. Before we get to some of the transcripts and reactions, let me just point out that CNN Chris Cillizza, who said Amy Coney Barrett was the likely pick because she looked the part, was wrong. Having said that, the oppo is already rolling out against Kavanaugh:

Update: Reporters covering the announcement were walked past a painting of Hillary Clinton. Troll level: EPIC.

Update: Over at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow is already speculating that Kavanaugh might be Trump’s pick because he has previously opposed indicting a sitting president. The son of late Justice Scalia made a point about this issue on Twitter earlier today:

Update: Here’s cocaine Mitch praising Kavanaugh:

Update: Of course, the opposition is all about protecting Roe v. Wade:

Hillary’s former spox Brian Fallon:

Update: George W. Bush puts out a statement of support.

Meanwhile, billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer says “We can stop this.”

Planned Parenthood:

Update: After Maddow talked about Kavanaugh’s objection to indicting a president for 20+ minutes, Lawrence O’Donnell is now opening his show with the same point. I’m going to wrap this up shortly but there’s currently a protest outside the Supreme Court. Here’s Bernie Sanders whipping up the crowd:

We’ll have a lot more on all of this tomorrow.