Former CNN producer: Jim Acosta 'an embarrassment on multiple levels'

Earlier today I noted that CNN’s Jim Acosta was on television yesterday drawing a potential link between President Trump’s attacks on the media and a mass murder. “We don’t obviously know what the motivation was behind the shooting out in Annapolis but the White House is getting questions about whether the president’s rhetoric is getting out of hand,” Acosta said. That was before it became clear that the shooter’s motive was based on a longstanding personal grievance he had with the paper going back several years.

Today, Acosta was back at it. After Trump finished a speech celebrating some good economic news, Acosta tweeted that he’d tried to ask Trump about this:

Here’s what that actually looked like. Acosta, in the very back of the room, shouting at the president like a heckler:

Acosta himself retweeted the clip along with some praise directed his way:

But not everyone is impressed. Former CNN producer Steve Krakauer blasted Acosta as “an embarrassment on multiple levels.”

Having made a spectacle of himself (again), Acosta is now going to be rewarded with more CNN airtime:

Stelter can often be relied upon to defend the media from all claims of partisan bias (often wrongly) and I think it’s a safe bet he’s not going to take the gloves off with the senior White House reporter from his own network. Still, I’d love to be wrong. Stelter should ask why Acosta is constantly grandstanding and then calling attention to his own grandstanding in a way that obviously pleases an anti-Trump audience. He could also ask why it’s okay for Acosta to insinuate on CNN that a mass shooting might be connected to the President’s rhetoric in the absence of any facts? Would one or two tough questions be that much to ask?