Shooting at newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland, five reported dead (Update: Shooter ID'd as Jarrod Ramos)

This is just being reported as I write this, but here is what we do know so far. An active shooter entered the offices of the Capital-Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland and apparently shot multiple people. MSNBC says the local EMS is reporting four people have been killed and two more are seriously injured but no one else is confirming that yet.


CBS News has video of people being marched out of the building with their hands up, similar to what we’ve all seen after recent school shootings.

Fox News’ Shepard Smith interviewed Sheriff Ron Bateman who doesn’t offer a lot of additional detail but does confirm that one of his K-9 officers was involved with apprehending a suspect. Based on this interview, it sounds as if the suspect is still alive.

And here’s CNN reporting that a source has told them a suspect is in custody:

Here’s an update from Anne Arundel police, who are leading the investigation:

Regarding the Breaking News In Annapolis | This Active shooter Situation has garnered Presidential attention | Confirmed to be the Capital Gazette Newspaper | 888 Bestgate Rd | The Police K9 officer confirmed the four dead found upon arriving | This was early on – THE POLICE WILL CONFIRM THE NUMBER OF INJURIES/FATALITIES | We can only report what we know | Lord and Taylor at the Annapolis Mall is a staging area for family members


So it sounds as if police are saying the early report of four dead may not be correct or, possibly, may not be complete. Maybe this is about to get much worse?

I’m going to continue to update this post as more information becomes available.

Update: Governor Larry Hogan tweets that he is “devastated” by the news:

Update: This reporter was in the newsroom where the shooting took place:


Update: First report I’ve seen mentioning a specific weapon.

Update: Police just held a press conference but didn’t release any new information. They would not confirm the identity of the shooter, the type of gun used, whether shots were exchanged with police, the possible motive, etc. All they would say is that the shooter is in custody and they are interrogating him now. Another briefing is expected before the day is out to offer some additional detail.

Update: President Trump tweets he has been briefed on the shooting:

Update: And police now confirm there were five fatalities, not four. Also, several people were “gravely injured.”

Also, CNN is reporting that the suspect was not being cooperative:

A law enforcement source says the suspect in custody initially refused to cooperate.

The suspect had no identification when he was arrested and FBI found no information immediately in the system.


Update: Well, I guess that settles the question of whether or not this was premeditated. According to CBS, the suspect damaged his own fingertips in an attempt to thwart identification:

The suspect accused of killing five people in a shooting at a Maryland newspaper had damaged the tips of his fingers in an apparent attempt to thwart efforts by police to identify him by his fingerprints, a law enforcement officials tells CBS News. Authorities said the suspect is a white male in his 20s who they have not yet identified…

The suspect did not have identification on his person. He’s described as having long hair. A law enforcement source says authorities are using other means of identifying him, including facial recognition technology to search databases of passports and driver’s licenses.

A law enforcement source said he carried smoke bombs or flash bangs in his backpack. Police said he used a “long gun” in the shooting, which a source said was a shotgun.

Update: His plan to fool authorities failed. Also, every report I’ve seen previously said he was in his 20s. He’s actually 39:


Update: The shooter has been identified as Jarrod Ramos. That ID has helped bring his motive into focus. From the Baltimore Sun:

Laurel man with a long-running feud with the Annapolis Capital is being held as the suspect in the deadly shooting at the newspaper Thursday, according to law enforcement sources.

Police and federal agents gathered late Thursday outside the address of 38-year-old Jarrod W. Ramos. Rich McLaughlin, the chief of the Laurel police department, said his officers were there as part of the investigation into the shooting at the newspaper, and other sources identified Ramos as the suspect.

In 2012, Ramos filed a defamation lawsuit against the paper and a columnist over a July 2011 story that covered a criminal harassment case against him.

He brought the suit against the columnist, Eric Hartley, naming Capital Gazette Communications and Thomas Marquardt, the paper’s former editor and publisher, as defendants.

So there have been thousands of people on the left speculating that this would somehow connect to President Trump’s rhetoric about the media but it seems that was just the usual knee-jerk blame-the-right response.

Of course, the people who spent all day blaming Trump aren’t letting it go. They are focusing on one tweet from 2015 to claim the shooter was a Trump supporter:


But it’s pretty obvious the guy’s issue was with the paper. He was obsessed and harassed reporters to the point the former editor worried he might get violent. From the LA Times:

“He waged a one-person attack on anything he could muster in court against the Capital,” Tom Marquardt, the newspaper’s editor and publisher until 2012, told the Los Angeles Times in a phone interview.

“I said during that time, ‘This guy is crazy enough to come in and blow us all away,’” Marquart said, adding that he and other newspaper officials had fretted over how to stop Ramos’ harassment.

Marquart said police couldn’t arrest Ramos for his behavior toward the newspaper, and the paper was reluctant to sue him in court. “The theory back then was, ‘Let’s not infuriate him more than I have to.… The more you agitate this guy, the worse it’s gonna get.’”

As he spoke to The Times, Marquart’s voice grew tense as he recalled his fear of Ramos, and how he’d felt powerless to do anything to stop the harassment.



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