Elaine Chao and Mitch McConnell confronted by protesters

You knew more of this was coming once Maxine Waters gave the green light. Last night Senator Mitch McConnell and his wife Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao were confronted by a small group of protesters who shouted at them as they were leaving a dinner at Georgetown University. From the Hill:


The protesters played audio first obtained by ProPublica of crying children who had been separated from their families because of the so-called zero tolerance border policy.

On the video, Chao is heard responding to the protesters.

“Why don’t you leave my husband alone?” she says, pointing at the protesters.

“He’s not,” she continues, likely in reference to separating families. Chao later says, “You leave him alone!”

Here’s the video showing the protesters approach as McConnell and Chao exit the building. He gets in on the passenger side and she has to get passed the protesters to come around the back of the SUV.


Here’s the same confrontation from another angle:

The guy in the Yankees cap is getting pretty aggressive. By the end of this, he’s not only screaming but the guard is having to push him backward pretty forcefully. All of this happened last night but for some reason it seems to just be making the rounds now. Fair point from Stephen Miller:


Indeed, if Hillary had done this after some protesters confronted Bill, the praise for her grit and toughness would rain down on the media landscape for days. As it is, not so much.


I guess this is closer to traditional protest than what happened to DHS Secretary Nielsen or Sarah Sanders. At least this happened outside. But it still feels like an escalation of the left’s desire to make this very personal and confrontational. No doubt Maxine Waters thinks this is great. And meanwhile…

I’m assuming that’s because she’s receiving a lot of specific threats. Just a reminder that we’re only a year out from an attempted assassination of a group of GOP representatives practicing baseball. All of this could go horribly wrong very quickly and my worry is that, if it does, a lot of people on the unhinged left will be celebrating.

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