Lefties claim wounded veteran working with ICE is a Nazi

Sometime yesterday a group of left-wingers on Twitter started claiming that this picture tweeted by ICE last month featured an employee with an Iron Cross (i.e. Nazi) tattoo on his elbow:

I’m not going to point to everyone who was promoting this but actor Ron Perlman was one:

And whoever this is:


And this anonymous guy who has spent the last 24-hours crowd-sourcing this:


Apparently, a reporter for the New Yorker was also sharing this nonsense. It caught on enough that ICE issued a response on Twitter this morning. The person in the photo is Justin Gaertner, a seriously wounded Marine who lost both his legs to an IED. He now works with ICE helping to rescue children from sexual abuse:

Gaertner’s best friend is “Gabe Martinez” who was injured by the same IED and who probably isn’t a white supremacist either:

Here’s the full statement put out by ICE which specifically criticizes the New Yorker reporter:

In response to finding out that a) they were wrong about the tattoo and b) the person they were attacking is wounded vet, some of the accusers have apologized:

Talia Levin, the New Yorker reporter, has since protected her tweets. But some of the folks who went all in on this are still pushing the Nazi claim. Here’s a local news report about Justin Gaertner from 2013:

David Strom 6:41 PM on September 26, 2022