North Korea's Singapore Summit propaganda film is a comedy classic

The Washington Post’s Tokyo Bureau Chief pointed out that North Korea has now put together a 43-minute documentary on the Singapore Summit:


There’s actually no natural sound in the video at all. Everything is video and music narrated by a gonzo-North Korean announcer. I was curious what the announcer was saying. Someone pointed out you could turn on Closed Captioning and then have the Korean auto-translated into English. That resulted in, shall we say, mixed results. The video starts with Kim Jong Un leaving from the airport in North Korea where the parking rules are a bit different:

Apparently, Kim was going over his packing list:

Not everyone on the receiving line was focused on the moment:

Harsh but fair:

Eventually, Kim flies to Singapore:

With his staff:

He goes to his hotel and has some thoughts to share with the staff:


Later that night he seems a bit nervous about the big summit:

Some last minute advice on the way to the summit:

Finally, he’s made it:

And so has the US President…Ronaldo:

The big moment:

The leaders share some personal time:

Some quick negotiating:

And then back to personal time:

Agreements are signed on fish farms:

Wait, what?

And with that…

Kim then returns home thinking about how he can improve North Korea:

So there you have the North Korean perspective on the Singapore Summit. Here’s the full clip if you doubt me.

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