Antifa and Patriot Prayer clashed in Portland over the weekend

Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer group held a going-away-rally for “Tiny” Toese who has been a visible member of the group for the past couple of years but is now heading back to Samoa. From KOMO News:

The Vancouver-based group Patriot Prayer organized a “Freedom March” at Terry Schrunk Plaza at 5 p.m., saying in a Facebook post about the event that one of its members nicknamed Tiny was going “to go back to his island (Samoa).”

An opposing rally was organized in the same area at 4 p.m. It was put together in part by the Rose City Antifa, and is billed as a “Call to Resist Patriot Prayer Bringing Nazis to Portland.”

The rival rallies were smaller than similar ones which took place in Portland last year, but there were still plenty of scuffles between the two groups. This KOIN 6 report shows some of the fights that took place.

Police arrested four people throughout the afternoon. The police also issued a statement:

Throughout the event members of the competing protest groups were observed deploying pepper spray and throwing projectiles, including fireworks, bottles, rocks, and ball bearings (photogaphs of several items attached to this release)…

The Police Bureau is aware that several instances of criminal behavior were filmed and broadcast on a various media platforms. These crimes may include but are not limited to: Disorderly Conduct, Assault, Theft, Robbery, and Reckless Burning. Investigators will be conducting follow-up which may lead to arrests at a later time.

Here are some of the images released by police:

As the statement suggests, there were a lot more incidents of back-and-forth violence that can be accounted for by four arrests. This alternate video shows more of those but there is some NSFW language in this clip:

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