Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle: I've spoken to a 5th Schneiderman accuser who suffered 'harrowing' abuse

Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle appeared on Martha McCallum’s show yesterday and revealed that she has been talking with a 5th woman who alleges physical abuse by former New York AG Eric Schneiderman.

“I’ve been working with one of the victims of Eric Schneiderman and her horrific ordeal that she endured at his hands,” Guilfoyle said. She continued, “She too was also very afraid to come forward and to tell her story which is unbelievably harrowing and compelling. And she is not one of the four that are mentioned in this New Yorker piece.”

The New Yorker piece by Jane Mayer and Ronan Farrow was published Monday and contains the stories of four women, two of whom spoke on the record about their experiences being slapped, choked and threatened by Schneiderman. The other two women mentioned in the piece had similar stories but chose to remain anonymous.

Guilfoyle confirmed that she began talking to the 5th accuser months before the New Yorker piece was published. Guilfoyle said the woman had “made the decision…to come forward” but didn’t specify when that would happen or in what forum. Before her time as a commentator at Fox News, Guilfoyle worked for 8 years as an assistant district attorney in Los Angeles and San Francisco where she brought cases involving domestic violence.

A bit later in the interview, Guilfoyle revealed, “there are medical record” in the case she has been investigating. “People will have no misconceptions that this wasn’t consensual and that this was criminal conduct,” she said. Shortly after the New Yorker story broke, Schneiderman claimed he had engaged in consensual role-playing but denied any non-consensual abuse. Yesterday, Ronan Farrow explicitly shot down that claim in an appearance on CNN:

I assume Guilfoyle and Fox News are putting together an interview on this which will be revealed soon. Assuming this holds up, it proves Schneiderman’s (alleged) abuse wasn’t limited to four women. How many more might there be?  Here’s the interview with Guilfoyle: