Kathy Griffin loved Michelle Wolf's performance at WHCD

Even as the White House Correspondent’s Association has backed away from comedian Michelle Wolf, Kathy Griffin used up the entire alphabet for a Twitter rant praising her. Here’s a sample:

Griffin then argued that Trump and his staff deserve whatever barbs they get because of the Access Hollywood tape and his defense of birtherism. I’d agree that Trump was wrong in both cases, but what has that go to do with the WHCD in 2018? And what has it got to do with the attacks on Sarah Sanders?

You knew it was going to come back to Kathy Griffin and the severed head at some point. You’ve probably forgotten by now that Kathy Griffin did apologize within hours of that stunt going viral. She put out a video saying, “I went too far. I made a mistake and I was wrong.” But she still got fired from CNN and lost nearly all her comedy gigs in the U.S. Those decisions, it must be noted, were not made by the White House but by CNN and individual comedy venues that book Griffin.

Kathy has been all over the map since then. Two days after her apology, she hired attorney Lisa Bloom and held a truly awkward press conference in which she attacked the president and his family. “He broke me,” Griffin said in tears, worried that her comedy career was over. Two months after that she admitted the press conference was a mistake. “None of the points I wanted to make in that press conference came across because I said I was a victim and acted like a victim,” she said. Her career hasn’t really recovered, though she did do a brief “Laugh your head off” tour overseas.

It’s not hard to see why Griffin is eager to defend a comic she believes is being attacked by the White House because that’s still what she believes happened to her. What I think she’s missing here is that, once again, it’s not President Trump who is driving the reaction. There were plenty of journalists, including many who are not fans of Trump, who thought the personal attacks on Sarah Sanders went too far. They aren’t taking their cues from the Trump White House any more than CNN was when it fired Kathy Griffin over the severed head stunt.

Griffin still doesn’t seem to understand that she brought her career trouble on herself. It remains to be seen how things will turn out for Michelle Wolf. In the short run, it’ll probably be a big boost for her career since, before this, most people had never heard of her. Her Trump-bashing act will play fine in comedy clubs in New York or California. It’s a big country and there’s a big market for that. But I’m guessing she won’t be hired for another WHCD gig. Crossing the line can get you noticed but it can also make you unhireable. Kathy Griffin should know that by now.