Avengers Assemble! (Something good happened on Twitter this week)

Something really good happened on Twitter this week, though it happened in a terrible situation. A young boy named Emilio was dying and wanted to hear from some of his heroes in his final days. Emilio’s uncle reached out to reporter Shannon Bream to ask for help. Bream posted this tweet Sunday, which quickly went viral:

The call went out and the Avengers Assembled. Bream got a response the same day from actor Chris Evans aka Captain America.

Paul Bettany aka The Vision offered to help:

Yesterday, Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye volunteered:

According to Fox News, Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) and Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) also sent video greetings. Ryan Reynolds, who currently plays Deadpool but previously played DC’s Green Lantern, responded as well.

Bream thanked everyone who responded and also thanked Jake Tapper for helping out.

Today Bream posted this sad follow up.

The response to her request appears to have been truly overwhelming.

The outcome is still tragic and this didn’t change that, but Emilio and his family must have been grateful to be greeted by some of his heroes in his final days. Kudos to everyone involved in making this happen. Here’s the video (from 2016) featuring Emilio and his family.